Meet Clara

Clara is originally from Central New York State but has made Rhode Island her home since 1997. As a licensed social worker, Clara has worked for 20 years to provide home-based counseling, education, case management, and advocacy for her clients, primarily people on government insurance, families living in poverty, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Through her work with vulnerable populations— including her 10 years volunteering in a prison book program— Clara has gained a deeper awareness of the injustices faced by her clients and marginalized communities in our state.


My Pledge to District 55

I pledge to be accountable to my constituents and not to the special interest groups or party leadership.

I pledge to listen to your concerns and ideas. Ask yourself these two questions: Do you feel like our government is listening to you? What would you like to see changed in your everyday life? Share with me your answers.

I pledge to keep you informed about the legislative agenda. What bills are being heard at the State House and how you can participate in the Democratic process.

I pledge to show up to the State House to represent the community in District 55. To be at important community events and meetings.

I pledge to learn when I don’t have the answers and to work toward compromise and solutions that work for everyone.

I pledge to be honest about my opinions and beliefs. We might not always agree, but will always listen to you.

Most of all, I pledge to work hard each and everyday for North Providence and for the State of Rhode Island!

My Platform​

  • Ensure that all working families in Rhode Island can afford housing
  • Extend the eviction moratorium throughout the pandemic
  • Implement a utility shutoff moratorium throughout the pandemic
  • Build 10,000 green affordable homes for working families
  • Implement statewide rent control to ensure that rent increases do not exceed 4% annually
  • Take on the fossil fuel industry to ensure clean air, clean water, and clean energy for all
  • Achieve 100% clean electricity by 2028 and net zero emissions by 2040 (first in the country)
  • Shut down corporate polluters in frontline communities with a just transition for workers
  • Preserve our natural resources, eliminate clearcutting, expand regenerative agriculture, and guarantee public access to our shoreline
  • Create thousands of good union jobs
  • Expand public transportation, electrify all buses, and make the bus free
  • Build 10,000 green, affordable homes for working families
  • Tax the rich to fund our schools, create smaller class sizes, and improve our school buildings
  • Ensure that all public school teachers earn at least $60,000 each yea
  • Help small businesses recover from the pandemic
  • Pass a $19 per hour minimum wage ($39,520 annually)
  • End the influence of corporate lobbyist money

  • Make election day a statewide holiday

  • Repeal the voter ID law

  • Enact public campaign financing

  • Enact Medicare-for-All style universal healthcare
  • Ensure every RI resident has mental, dental, hearing, and vision care
  • Take on big pharma to make prescription drugs affordable
  • Protect reproductive freedom
  • Vaccine requirement to enter public spaces including restaurants, bars, and stadiums (except for people with valid medical or religious reasons not to get vaccinated)
  • Implement a statewide mask mandate in public spaces
  • Expand paid sick leave
  • Enact Medicare-for-All style universal healthcare
  • Ensure every RI resident has mental, dental, hearing, and vision care
  • Take on big pharma to make prescription drugs affordable
  • Protect reproductive freedom
  • Legalize cannabis 
  • End mass incarceration
  • End cash bail
  • Ban for-profit prisons
  • Ensure police accountability
  • Invest funding in mental health services and drug overdose prevention
  • End family separations and provide drivers’ licenses to undocumented Rhode Islanders

Ask Edie! (FAQ's)

Yes! Clara is a member of The Rhode Island Political Coop a grassroots movement from Westerly to Woonsocket in order to elect a government that will work for the people of Rhode Island

No. Clara refuses all donations from corporate PACS, corporate lobbyists, and the fossil fuel industry. She  relies entirely on grassroots donations. 

Clara is committed to being connected on how the government might work more effectively, things that would make your day to day life better, and other things folks’ in District 55 want to Share. she welcomes your email.